Taking you beyond your travel expectations

Great holiday packages the whole family can enjoy.


Routine, Boredom and Petty Frustrations make up our monotonous lives...you, me and even the Chinese guy down the road, is probably tired of his day in, day out mundane life

Wake up-eat noodles with chopsticks-go to work-get stuck in traffic on his way home!

Repeat E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y!!


In the middle of your crazy 8-10 hour work day... when you feel like you’re about to “SNAP!”

With almost perfect timing, your phone will beep!

As you open that message, you’re taken to a magical place where the crisp mountain air filters through your lungs.


Breathe.... Breathe again!

Your imagination is abruptly woken by the sound of an annoying vehicle, trying to manoeuvre its way through traffic - Just Like You!


Add us on BBM and you’ll know what the hype is about!

Fancy a hike or a ride on a bike, a stroll on the shore...for a few days or more? Maybe, spending time in the sun? With your loved one???

Let us bring your dream holiday to you...

La dolcè vita!!!

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